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Welcome to the Ideal Wine Company blog site! The Ideal Wine Company are buyers and sellers of luxury drinks from around the world and are based in Knightsbridge, London. Whether you want to buy your luxury drinks for collecting or drinking we can cater to meet your needs.

Drinking wine can be a wonderful experience. When drinking fine wine one must remember that it is a living thing that changes over time. The best wines usually go through several phases and reveal their true nature with age. The Ideal Wine Company has a wide variety of wines available for any occasion.

Buyers and sellers of luxury wine

See that you have appropriately prepped your wine so that it is the proper temperature for drinking. There are varying opinions for what the temperature should be but as a rule of thumb: if it is white, chill the bottle for a few hours before drinking, if it is red serve at room temperature.

If you are not in the market to purchase wine but you have wine that you no longer wish to drink, you can sell your wine through us. There are certain types of fine wine that most wine merchants are interested in acquiring. Please note that full cases in original wooden boxes that have been stored correctly will be more desirable to wine merchants.

Ideal Wine Company

At the Ideal Wine Company we aim to always be improving the service we offer to our customers. We believe a good wine merchant offers a good quality product at a fair price. We encourage our customers to store their wine in their own personal bonded warehouse account and to research the product, price and company that they deal with.

When buying wine from you, we will endeavour to make the process as easy and effective as we can, at hours that suit you.