What Does Your Wine Bill Say About You?

The wine market is a versatile one; you can get a bottle for whatever you are willing to spend. Saying that, what does your wine bill say about you?

You may think that this is a little mad, but the Telegraph featured an article on this recently, where it broke down wines by price band and worked out what each price brand says about the people in it. From this, it’s logical for us to deduce the average Ideal Wine Company product buyer.

So just who is buying our wines? Let’s start with who isn’t. According to the poll, the bottom of the pile is reserved for people who spend less than £4 on a bottle and the description given to them is what you’d expect. You’re a student looking for the cheapest plonk possible to get drunk.

Then we move on to the people who spend £6 a bottle; a typical Brit, according to the Telegraph. The £8 a bottle category is reserved for the young professional set. The label of £10 a bottle is reserved for those who read the paper’s wine pages and at the £20 a bottle label we begin to reach those with in a higher tax bracket.

Now we reach the label that most applies to the Ideal Wine Company product list, those who spend over £100 a bottle. Seeing how the chart has progressed, you’d expect the paper to label these buyers of luxury brands as high class and high tax bracket occupiers and you’d be right.

The description the article gives them says: ‘You are a true connoisseur and ready to splash out on the sweetest nectar money can buy.’ Or that ‘You’re a Russian oligarch in a London club, locked in a battle with your oligarch friend over who can rack up the biggest bill.’

It goes on to conclude that ‘In everyday life you don’t have much in common with £6-a-bottle man but you probably don’t know any more about wine than he does.’ At the Ideal Wine Company we’d say that this is a limited description of those who purchase luxury wines and here’s why.

To say that the £6 a bottle man would never buy a luxury bottle is short sighted. They may only buy one as a present, but that doesn’t mean that they’d be any less interested. To say otherwise could be classed as stereotyping.

At the Ideal Wine Company we cater to all types of customers who want to primp up their wine collection with a luxury bottle.


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