What Time of Day Should You Drink Wine?

There are many things we think about when deciding how to get the most out of our luxury bottle of wine, but one thing we don’t tend to think about is timing. However according to an oncoming new study, perhaps we should, and at the Ideal Wine Company we can see why.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that ascending to the rank of wine connoisseur is no mean feat. There are a thousand small considerations; temperature, glass size and width, breathing room etc.

However until now, most people wouldn’t necessarily have thought time of day would affect the quality of a glass of their favourite tipple, other than to remember that old thing about if you drink before lunch you’re an official alcoholic. But a soon to be conducted study suggests that this is a real consideration for any truly devoted wine drinker.

What Ideal Wine Company Learned From Oxford

According to wine sources across the internet, next month Oxford University scientists plan to, in partnership with Campo Viejo, Spanish-based winery, test the theory that a variation of lights and sounds alter the character of a glass of wine.

It’s a fascinating theory and it reminds us that intrinsically we know that certain conditions are more favourable for various types of wine. For example, red wine tends to taste far better in the winter, consumed by an open fire, than it does in the hot summer months. That’s when you’re just itching to crack open a bottle of dry white.

However this study – the largest ever, according to wine sources – a multi-sensory experiment into the psychology of drinking wine, should cast this general feeling into a more stark relief, with facts and figures to back up what wine aficionados have inherently known since the dawn of time.

Putting it to The Test

It’s going to be a pretty exciting experiment and we can’t wait to watch it play out. It is going to be conducted next month in the streets, as revellers travel down to London’s South Bank for the Spanish Wine Festival.

Scientists from the universities will invite some of the Festival’s attendees into the ‘colour lab,’ where they will be asked to give a rating to the wines they drink from a black glass. However the catch is that whilst they consume their glass, they’ll be exposed to a series of lights and sounds and then the team will record how they react to the wine in different conditions.

Here at the Ideal Wine Company we think that this is pivotal work that could revolutionise the industry. Imagine the affect that it could have on marketing strategies. However it also reminds us that to truly get the most out of your luxury bottle of wine, you need to make it a real experience.


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