To Drink or Sell, That Is the Question

When you buy a bottle of wine form the Ideal Wine Company, you are purchasing a luxury product that is destined to appreciate in value as time goes by. That brings up a complex question: to drink or sell?

Unless you have a chateau-style cellar with enough room to store every bottle you’ve ever bought, at some point, if you’re a collector who has a penchant for the latest hot vintage, you’re going to need to relieve yourself of the bottle you no longer wish to own.

Drinking vs Selling

The two options that stand before you are clear; drink or sell. However there are advantages to both. If you drink the wine, then you are enjoying the fruits of your labour. Luxury vintages are luxury because of their taste. Pour a glass of one of Ideal Wine Company’s products and the rich flavour will dance on the tongue and go down like a dream, giving you a night to remember.

However there’s also something to be said about investing in wine too – that is why it’s such a booming area of the industry. When you buy a luxury champagne or a vintage Bordeaux from us, you are clinching a valuable product at a reasonable price.

The thing about quality wine is that it gets better with age (another reason you might want to drink it) and this makes it more valuable. That’s why wine is such a lucrative investment opportunity – it is safe because you know it’s going to get more valuable.

Wine as an Investment

So there are clear benefits to both, but if you are of an investment mind set, you’ll be looking to sell. To truly reap the benefits of your investment decision, there are several areas you need to consider:

  • Are you selling direct to a wine merchant?
  • If you are, is it direct cash or will the merchant find a buyer?
  • With a cash offer, how quickly will the transaction go through?
  • Is it wiser to conduct a sale through a bonded warehouse account? Whilst cash is most efficient, with a bonded warehouse account, you are not subject to VAT.

In answer to the question, to drink or sell, there is no definitive answer. It depends on your preference. However what we see every day with people who come to us, is that both options have real advantages that make your luxury vintage purchase worth every single penny.


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