Ideal Wine Company’s Top Three Californian Wines

On the Ideal Wine Company product list we feature stellar vintages from every corner of the globe and this week we want to turn our attention to California, a modern centre of the viticulture trade. What are our top three California Wines?

At the Ideal Wine Company our governing philosophy is to embrace quality wherever we find it. Whilst some luxury wine services neglect newer growing centres in favour of old favourites such as France, Italy and Spain, we bring you first rate bottles not only from these classic vineyards, but from newer players in the market such as Australia, Hungary and California as well.

California: The Hub of US Wine Production

It’s no surprise that the state of California, one of the largest and the single most populous region in the US, is the centre of the country’s viticulture production. The sunny conditions, varied landscape and history of wine making make it the perfect state to front this country’s foray into one of the world’s oldest markets.

The Northern portion of the state is famous in this day and age for the quality of wine, both white and red, that it produces in regions such as Napa and Sonoma Valley. It has been doing so since the early 19th Century, when Spanish monks planted the first grapes for ceremonial purposes.


Ideal Wine Company’s Top Three

The variety afforded by the region has provided us with three stand out vintages and we supply each of these on the Ideal Wine Company product list. These vintages are:

1)      Screaming Eagle 1993: The oldest Californian vintage on this list, this extraordinary Cabernet Sauvignon is fantastically opaque in colour, and has a rich blackcurrant scent that entrances the nose the minute the bottle is opened. A heady mix of subtle flavours, you’re sure to find that this stunning red goes down like a dream and you can secure a bottle for a cost effective £5,000. A true luxury.


2)      Harlan Estate 1998: Produced in the heart of California wine country in the prolific Napa Valley, this heart wine is the red of quality for those who can’t stretch to the price for the Screaming Eagle. Every bit as gorgeous a bottle as the Eagle, the Harlan Estate 1998 is a fantastic vintage that combines an enticing mix of subtle fruity flavours and provides the perfect complement to a decadent evening meal. Clinch a bottle for just £429.


3)      Harlan Estate 2002: It may be the newest wine on this list, but it shouldn’t be underestimated. It actually comes in at more than its 1998 counterpart, at a bank balance friendly £900. A red similarly produced in the heart of Napa Valley, the 2002 vintage is sure to burst onto the tongue the minute you take your first sip.


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