Welcome to Liv-Ex: The Need to Know Index

If you are an investor in luxury wines such as the kind you can purchase from the Ideal Wine Company, you need to know about the Liv-Ex Index. What is it and why is it so useful for those with an interest in fine wine?

For an investor in wine, just like any other investor, you need the means to keep track of the industry. You need to keep track of prices, shares, activity, current industry events etc. so that you can fully reap the value of your investment when it’s time to sell. This is why you need Liv-Ex.

Liv-Ex: The Information Centre for Wine Traders Everywhere

Liv-Ex is essentially an information centre for those who invest in fine wine. Take a visit to Liv-Ex.Com and you are immediately confronted with everything that you need to know; trading information, data, prices, research etc.

Notably this includes the Liv-ex Fine Wine 100 Index, the industry benchmark and therefore definitive source for fine wine prices.Services available from Liv-Ex also include its valuable Cellar Watch feature, which allows you to value your cellar and prices over time, and the Vine feature, which is a specific transport and storage solution for fine wine.

With Liv-Ex you can capitalise on the vintages you purchase from us to sell them at the time they’ll ensure the highest return. In order to join you need to be either a wine merchant or a professional wine trader and you can do so via the website; it only takes a few minutes.

The Advantages of Liv-Ex

At the Ideal Wine Company we see plenty of reasons to use Liv-Ex, but we thought we’d let the financial experts themselves tell you instead:

  • Financial Times: “Liv-Ex Prices are used globally and reflect the price at which wine merchants are buying and selling on its exchange.”
  • Decanter: “Most of the reputable funds now use (Liv-Ex) as the basis for valuing their assets.”
  • Will Beck, Wine Asset Managers LLP: “Valuation needs to reflect reality, and Liv-Ex provides the reality.”

The experts have said it themselves. Liv-Ex is the definitive source of trading information for fine wine and if you want to make sure your luxury bottle bring you the highest return possible, you need to take advantage of everything it has to offer.


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