Penfolds Grange: The Best in Australian Wine

This week the Ideal Wine Company blog is taking this opportunity to highlight the benefits of Penfolds Grange, truly the best in Australian Wine. A vintage offered on our product list, it can offer true value to your collection.

At the Ideal Wine Company we’re dedicated to bringing you the finest luxury wines from around the world. That is why we feature bottles from all over the industry’s metaphorical landscape; from vintages originating in the classic French valleys to bottles coming to us from newer wine growth hubs such as California and Australia.


The Growing Dominance of the Australian Wine Market

The overwhelming hegemony of traditional markets such as France, Spain and Italy is well and truly over. In today’s modern market, newer players produce luxury bottles every bit as sumptuous as their traditional counterparts, and Australia has become one of these key players.

These days it’s an impressive market, measuring A$2.8 billion domestically alone. Estimates suggest that Australians often consume In excess of 530 million litres annually and export 750 million litres per years. Every single Australian state produces wine, which means vintages of every variety feature as part of this most diverse of markets.


Welcome to Penfolds Grange

One of Australia’s most famous vintages is Penfolds Grange. A mainstay of the country’s market, this Australian wine is essentially made from Shiraz (Syrah) grapes, although there is a small percentage of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes often featured.

It’s one of the oldest wines the region has to offer, with production first commencing in the early 1950’s after wine maker Max Schubert released its first vintages on an experimental basis. Until 1989 it was released under the ‘Penfolds Grange Hermitage’ label, and is often considered Australia’s ‘first growth’ and therefore, most collectible wine.

Naturally its age and rich history make it a hit with collectors, but its rich taste is what it’s most known for. A smooth red with a deep colour and a healthy body, this vintage slides down like a dream with a heady mix of heavy fruity flavours.

It’s also a hit with those people out there who make money out of trading valuable vintages. It regularly fetches staggering prices at auction, as fellow collectors recognise the value of its place in Australian wine making history, as well as its stellar reputation. Notably in 2004, a bottle sold at auction for a staggering A$50,000.

If you value luxury vintages, then you have to feature a Penfolds Grange in your collection. Come to the Ideal Wine Company to secure the best deal on this most classic of Australian wines.


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