How Did Andrea Bocelli Become Embroiled in the Latest Wine Scam?

Wine industry experts everywhere have been left reeling this week from the fact that Italian opera star Andrea Bocelli, has unwittingly become involved in one of the latest scandals to rock the industry. Just how did it happen?

Unfortunately, every so often a scandal will rock the industry, where experts discover that consumers are being sold false or tampered bottles of wine; it’s a particular problem for luxury wine. This is why you need to come to a service you trust, such as the Ideal Wine Company, if you wish to acquire a luxury vintage safe in the knowledge that you are getting what you pay for.

Andrea Bocelli: Italian Master Wine Merchant

The biggest shock this news has brought is that such a respected figure has unwittingly become involved in the scandal, and Bocelli, aside from his role as a world famous tenor, has become a highly respectable figure in the world of Italian wine.

Bocelli was actually born on a wine estate deep in the heart of rural Tuscany, and as such, his family has been involved in making wine for many years. Specifically, the Bocelli family first founded the venture as far back 1730, over one hundred years before Italian unification.

Replacing Luxury Vintages for Cheap Plonk

So how did this highly esteemed vineyard become embroiled in this scandal? The scandal itself saw customers all over the world hoodwinked in a multi-million pound scam that saw fraudsters trick consumers into buying cheap table wine in place of the premium luxury bottles they had ordered.

Therefore, the Bocelli family became embroiled specifically because the calibre of the vintage they produce attracted the fraudsters as a way to trade off both the reputation of its wine and of the current owner of the vineyard, to make money.

The Telegraph reported on this issue and spoke to the family, and it’s clear the damage this has caused. Member of the family, Cinzia Bocelli said: “Aside from the economic damage, and the damage to the image of our high-quality product, we’re very saddened to think how disappointed consumers will be left by these deplorable actions.”

Cinzia makes a fantastic point, which is why whenever you indulge in a luxury wine purchase, you need to ensure that you come to a provider that you trust, such as the Ideal Wine Company.


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