Ideal Wine Company’s Trends of 2014

We’re almost half way through the year, and this year’s wine trends are making themselves more apparent than ever. This begs Ideal Wine Company to ask; what are the trends rocking this year’s wine markets?

The Rise of the Left Bank

If the fine wine experts are to be believed, investors are forsaking the traditional wines of the right bank of Bordeaux, such as Chateau Latour and Chateau Margaux. Instead, investors are turning to left bank wines, such as Chateau Le Pin and Chateau Cheval Bank, to bring high returns to their luxury goods portfolio.

Low Calorie Wine

This trend should surprise no one. In a world where the young professional; one of the key demographics for the affordable luxury wine market, is prioritising health and fitness more than ever before, it makes sense that they would calorie count their luxury vintages. Also known as ‘skinny wines,’ many are turning to the low calorie alternative as the healthy option.

Low Alcohol Wines

This feeds into the ‘healthy wines’ trend rocking the market this year. We are more aware of the effects of alcohol than ever. Many drinkers are choosing to prioritise taste over alcohol content to feed their desire for a healthy lifestyle, and as such, are ditching wines with a high alcohol count. This really reminds us that it is the taste, not the penchant for intoxication, that makes wine such an attractive option for drinkers around the world.

The Changing of the Guard.

The US is perhaps, as a nation, one of the most prolific drinkers of wine in the world. Therefore we can learn a lot about global wine consumption trends by looking at this country’s wine demographics. Whilst in the US, baby boomers are still the top consumers of wine,  millennials are now in second place, and their numbers are rising, as more millennials move into professional tax brackets, and discover the sheer joy that can be reaped from a bottle of your favourite luxury vintage.

A Comment or Two from Ideal Wine Company

These trends highlight a larger move in the global wine market; things are changing. The whole world is evolving at a more rapid pace than ever before, and as such, drinkers expect different things from their bottle of wine than they did ten years ago. It’s the market’s job, as ever, to anticipate what drinkers want in 2014, and to react and cater to evolving markets. It’ll be interesting to see how the rest of the year plays out.



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