The Luxury Wine Spotlight: Salon 1999

If you’re looking for the perfect champagne to toast a special occasion in style, try the Salon 1999, available from the Ideal Wine Company


We Offer Luxury Wines from Around the World Here at the Ideal Wine Company

We’re in the business of providing classic bottles of luxury wine here at the Ideal Wine Company, at prices you can afford.

As such, we understand luxury wines and we offer vintages from classic wine-making regions around the world such as Burgundy, Australia, the Rhone, California and even Hungary. We offer several luxury drinks from the infamous Champagne region of France; known for its statement titular tipple.


Champagne: It’s A Lifestyle!

And it doesn’t get more luxury than champagne. Champagne is more than just a drink, just a tipple; it’s a lifestyle choice. We associate champagne with royalty, with celebrities, with the very 21st Century ideal of success.

That’s why we buy champagnes and why we save them for special occasions. We want a drink that’ll make us feel special and the connotations we often attach to it, as well as the sheer quality of craftsmanship required to produce a bottle of top notch champagne, makes it the obvious choice.


The Salon 1999

If you’re looking for a champagne that oozes the high life, then look no further than the Salon 1999. A Champagne in the Brut Blanc de Blancs style, it sizzles and dances on the tongue!

Buy a bottle of this effortlessly elegant champagne, available to you from the Ideal Wine Company for the wallet friendly price of £360 per bottle, and you get a massive, full-bodied vintage, which completely saturates the palette with a light touch of classic fruity tastes. Notably, it’s not as austere as the 1996 vintage, nor as open as the 1997 variety. In essence, it’s big, rich and powerful.

That’s why you need to buy a bottle of the Salon 1999; a classic champagne that is sure to enchant the taste buds and ensnare the senses; the exact type of thing you need to see out your special occasion in style!


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