Ideal Wine Company’s Top Two Bollinger’s

If you’re looking for a sumptuous bottle of Bollinger champagne, Ideal Wine Company has two Bollinger’s which will blow your mind.

We Couldn’t Not Feature Champagne Here at the Ideal Wine Company

We have a variety of first class Champagnes ready and waiting for you here at the Ideal Wine Company. As the drink of celebration, of sophistication, and (if you overindulge) of inebriation, champagne is a constant on the Ideal Wine Company product list.

Of course, we feature two vintages from the Bollinger label. Bollinger is a champagne house and producer of sparkling wines based in the Champagne region of France. They are renowned for being among the best champagne makers in the world.

Therefore, a bottle of luxury Bollinger champagne is highly sought after by many of the world’s most prolific wine collectors. And as luck would have it; we have two for you here at the Ideal Wine Company.

Bollinger 1995

The first luxury champagne we have for you today is the Bollinger 1995. A classic year, the 1995 vintage is oak-fermented, full bodied and a glorious champagne blend of rich fruity flavours. It’s sure to sizzle on the tongue, cleave to the throat and slide down like a dream. If you want to try a bottle of the classic Bollinger 1995 for yourself, purchase one from the Ideal Wine Company for the low price of £156.

La Grand Annee Bollinger 1997

The other classic Bollinger champagne available to you from the Ideal Wine Company is the La Grand Annee Bollinger 1997. It may be newer, it may be cheaper, but don’t be fooled. The La Grand Annee Bollinger 1997 is every bit as sumptuously decadent as the 1995 vintage. Crack open a bottle and be greeted by a heavenly mix of decadent grapes, which come together to create a dazzling drink, which will leave the best impression every time. Nab a bottle of the La Grand Annee Bollinger 1997 for a mere £86 a go.

Ideal Wine Company’s Final Pitch

So in conclusion, why should you purchase a bottle of Bollinger? When you buy this luxury champagne, you receive a world renowned vintage, which any enthusiast would be more than happy to have in their collection. The Ideal Wine Company certainly is!


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