Sample the Wine Without Uncorking the Bottle?

Ideal Wine Company has learned that a new gadget could allow wine buffs to test a luxury vintage without uncorking the bottle.

Ideal Wine Company Knows What Ruins a Good Bottle of Wine

The Ideal Wine Company are buyers and sellers of luxury wine. We seek to provide you the ultimate luxury wine experience, by providing you with a select range of vintages at reasonable prices. We know what makes a good luxury wine.

We also know what ruins a premium wine. It’s never more frustrating than when you uncork the bottle, only to find it isn’t ready to drink. Once you’ve uncorked it, you either have to drink it or leave it. However, that could be about to change with the introduction of a new gadget.

How Does This Gadget Work?

According to the Telegraph, wine buffs can now buy a gadget that will allow them to pour wine without uncorking the bottle. They can get the gadget for just £285.

So how does it work? Well, it has a long, thin hollow needle which the gadget inserts into the foil and cork of the bottle. Then it uses an odourless, harmless, tasteless inert gas by the name of argon. It pumps the argon through the needle. This creates pressure. This pressure pushes the wine back out through the needle. When finished, the gadget removes the needle and leaves the argon in the wines place, which prevents the rest of the liquid from oxidising.

People Can Have One Glass without Wasting the Bottle

The device’s inventor (Greg Lambrecht) went on to claim that he opened a bottle of wine a decade ago with the device. It’s still as good today, as it was when he tasted its first drop. One person who agrees with Lambrecht over the device is Harrods’ wine and spirits seller, Ed Gerard.

Gerard said that “I’ve tested it and I have been astonished. It means that wine collectors can taste if a very expensive bottle is ready to drink and if it isn’t, can put it back. It means people wanting just one glass of wine can do so without wasting the whole bottle.”

Open the Bottle, Drink the Wine, and Keep the Quality in Tact

A ringing endorsement to be sure; if what Gerard and Lambrecht are saying is true, the luxury wine drinking experience will never be the same again. Ideal Wine Company rather likes the idea of a world where you can open a bottle, drink a wine, and keep its quality intact.


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