Could China be World’s Top Wine Producer By 2050?

The Ideal Wine Company has learned that a new report suggested that due to climate change, China could be the world’s top wine producer by 2050.

The Wine Industry is Changing

In our role as provider of high class vintages at affordable rates, Ideal Wine Company strives to stay abreast of the trends reshaping the wine world. This is why this latest news holds so much fascination for us.

If you are an avid follower of the ideal Wine Company blog, you’ll remember that we’ve tackled these subjects before. Increasingly, the economic power of China is making it a major global wine consumer. Also, climate change is promoting new wine making regions, such as areas in the UK and Oregon, to the forefront of viticulture. Therefore, this new report is not the least it surprising to the Ideal Wine Company.

South of France to Lose Its Ability to Foster High Quality Grapes by 2050?

According to Want China Times, the warmer temperatures fostered by climate change could mean that Northern Europe and swathes of China could replace the South of France as the world’s major producer of high quality wine.

The suggestion originally came from the Shanghai-based China business news, who cited a report published on the subject by Professor Gregory Jones back in 2005. Jones and his team contrasted temperatures from 27 wine producing areas throughout grape growing seasons over a period of 50 years. They ultimately found that the South of France will lose its ability to cultivate high quality grapes by the year 2050.

The Heir to Bordeaux’s Fine Wine Crown?

The article went on to suggest that the viticulture trade would move to colder regions such as the North of France, Germany, the UK and Canada. This is backed up by the recent suggestion by the Financial Times, that in the span of a single generation, UK wine has gone from being seen as the butt of the joke to a solid investment.

Yet it cited China’s ability to move into the fine wine market most prominently. Essentially, it used points made by Li Yangtang, a Chinese national who received a Level 4 certificate from the renowned wine education institute; WSET. Yangtang argued that the vast expanse of land attributed to China, means that despite its inexperience as a global wine producer, it has the ability to fill the gap left by the South of France by the year 2050.

China’s Role in the Fine Wine World is set to Become More Prominent

For the Ideal Wine Company, this streamlines what we’ve known for a long time. Climate change is forever altering the world of viticulture. Yet China’s role in that world is set to become far more prominent, not only because of rising wine consumption levels, but because it is becoming more experienced as a fine wine producer every single day.


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