Does Drinking Wine boost Your Attractiveness?

This week, Ideal Wine Company has learnt that drinking wine could make you feel more attractive, according to research conducted by French and American psychologists.

We thought it would be good to share some of our thoughts on this light-hearted topic. Here are some interesting points on why it’s good to drink wine at social events.

More Relaxed

A sensible amount of alcohol can help us to feel more relaxed. Wine is something that you wouldn’t want to overly indulge in, as all responsible wine drinkers will know.

However, for someone who may be struggling with his/her self-image or struggling at social events, a small glass of wine is all that is usually needed to help make you feel a little more at ease.

More Vocal

Once you’re feeling relaxed, you may also find yourself letting your hair down, opening up out of your shell and becoming more sociable and chatty. This is not a bad thing – you may be a comedic person at heart, but haven’t found opportunities to share this with your friends and family.

So, by opening up during conversations, you will not only help others to get you know you more, but also allows others to see your personality shine through.

More Confident

Glossy magazines continue to airbrush models and celebrities, causing people to become obsessed with their less than perfect image – we are being pressured to look good.

Not all of us are comfortable at social outings, these insecurities melt away once you’re holding a tall, sleek wine glass, sipping a fine wine slowly and elegantly as your self-perception rises.

By having this boosted confidence, you’re more likely to be behave confidently and will be noticed more by others.

More Approachable

With the combination of the above three points, you’re now a more approachable person.

Being attractive does not always mean having the best facial features or physique, but often comes from personality, those who are relaxed, not afraid to speak to people, confident and approachable are the ones people like to hang around with and spend some time to chat.

So, at Ideal Wine Company, we think drinking wine does make you more attractive!


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