All Hail the Return of the Wine Bar

This week, the Ideal Wine Company wants to take the time to hail the return of the wine bar and explain why it’s such a monumental move for wine enthusiasts across the world.

The Wine Bar Shaped the Modern Popularity of Fine Wine

Through selling first rate fine wines at reasonable prices, the Ideal Wine Company has learned how to drink wine and how to drink champagne, along with other such luxury tipples. It’s always better with company, and it’s always more enjoyable when imbibed within a welcoming atmosphere.

This is why the wine bar was so critical in forming the modern love of wine. Back in the 80’s and 90’s, the wine bar was seen as the ultimate hangout for the educated, professional set. Thus, people across the country developed a taste for – and consequently – learned more about, fine wine.

The Wine Bar is Officially Back

Yet, as with all trends, the wine bar went out of style. At some point last decade, the world had decided that it had had enough of wine bars, and opted to flock to gastro pubs and other types of establishments instead.

However, trends are funny things, No trend, once started, is truly dead. Nostalgia always rears its pretty head at some point, and we all re-fall in love with the trend in question. If an article recently put forward by the Guardian is to be believed, this has become the case with wine bars.

The Evolution of the Wine Bar

The article made a compelling case. Essentially, it argued that the concept is back, because it has evolved from what it used to be. The wine bars of today, it suggests, share nothing in common with their predecessors – décor, music, food etc. – except the fact that they were built to provide a home for those wishing to indulge in a glass of a luxury vintage.

The article turned to growing London wine bar chain, Vinoteca, to illustrate its point. The first bar opened in Farrington in 2005 – at the height of the backlash against wine bars – but it now has four bars around London. It achieved this, because it turned away from the traditional model of a wine bar, instead following that common in Italy and Spain. In these countries, wine bars also act as shops.

Wine Bars for a Whole New Generation

So cheers readers. We’ll certainly drink to the welcome return of the wine, and applaud its ability to evolve for a new audience. Now, a whole new generation has an establishment through which it can develop a taste for, and learn about fine wine, which can never be a bad thing, which is why it’s such a good thing for wine enthusiasts across the globe.


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