The World’s Most Luxurious Wine

What would go in to the world’s most luxurious wine? Well this week, Ideal Wine Company got the answer to that question, and that answer might surprise you.

At Ideal Wine Company, We Know a Thing or Two About Luxury Wine

As a provider of fine wines at prices you can actually afford, Ideal Wine Company has seen a luxury vintage or two in our time. Typically, they are a cut above the rest quite simply because of the quality that infuses their very being

But every once in a while, there comes along a wine so sumptuous, so decadent, it blows the others out of the water. One such wine came to our attention this week, and it might surprise you to find out that it doesn’t contain a single drop of alcohol.

A 24 Carat Wine

According to Reuters, the world’s most luxurious wine can be found in Dubai. A playground for the rich, Dubai is usually more known for its monumental skyline and opulent sports cars than its viticulture, but nevertheless, you can get a wine in Dubai that goes for $150 a bottle.

OK, that’s not too expensive, and certainly in your price range, but  $150 for non-alcoholic – as part of the Muslim Arab United Emirates, alcohol is restricted to licenced premises in Dubai – is extraordinary. The reason you pay so much for one bottle, however, is because this ‘halal wine,’ is a sparkling white than comes with flecks of 24 carat edible gold leaf at the bottom of the bottle.

“It’s Fantastic, It’s Frivolous, It’s Totally Dubai.”

The vintage is distributed Lootah Premium Foods, and it’s Head Manager, Tony Colley recently spoke out on why it’s so special, arguing that “it has gold in it for no good reason apart from it’s fun, it’s fantastic, it’s frivolous, it’s totally Dubai.”

That’s a view Josh Benson, owner of Bystro Restaurant, which stocks the bottle, seemed to agree with. Benson also spoke out on the wine, and why he chooses to stock it at Bystro, suggesting that “for people that cannot drink … it’s a nicer thing to have with a steak than a Pepsi.”

Wine Doesn’t Need to Be Alcoholic to Go Down Well

We couldn’t agree with you more, Josh, this wine is a true example of the luxury power of a fine vintage. More than ever, this 24 carat bottle of wine proves that the drink doesn’t need to be alcoholic to go down well. What goes into the world’s most luxurious wine is pure quality – with the odd edible 24 carat gold leaf to finish!


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