Has California’s Drought Been Good for Its Wine Trade?

In light of new suggestions arguing that it has been beneficial for the region’s grapes, this week Ideal Wine Company asks whether California’s drought has been good for its grapes.

California is an Up and Coming Global Wine Making Hotspot

We’re huge enthusiasts of California wine here at the Ideal Wine Company. So much so, we have several California vintages available to you on our product list for extremely reasonable prices. The climate, terrain and versatility of the region means that it is able to produce an array of quality vintages; from red to white back to red again.

Yet as a California wine aficionado, Ideal Wine Company has been somewhat concerned as of late. The region has been experiencing a record drought, which logically has the potential to stifle its vital grape crop. However it seems the reverse is true, if experts in the region are to be believed.

“This Year’s Vintage Could be One for the Ages.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, Vintners have come out suggesting that this could be one of the best year ever for California wines. Furthermore, they’re now arguing that the Golden State’s three year dry spell could have actually made tastier grapes.

Michael Coats, co-owner of Sonoma County-based Valerie’s Vineyard, which specialises in Pinot Noir, has said that “this year’s vintage could be one for the ages.” This is a sentiment that echoes around Sonoma and its neighbouring Napa County, which are two of the most renowned wine making counties in all of California.

How Can a Drought Make for Tastier Grapes?

Meanwhile, the co-owner of Napa County based Honig Vineyard & Winery, Michael Honig, went further, shedding some more light on the proclamation. Honig noted that “if there’s a silver lining to the drought in terms of wine grapes, it’s that they are really drought tolerant.”

So what does this mean, and why is it good for California’s wine trade? Well according to Honig, the endless sun is causing the grapes to ripen more quickly. The allows vintners to harvest their vineyards earlier than normally possible, which allow  them to avoid the peril that Autumn storms in the region can reap on its lucrative grape crop.

Anxiously Anticipating the Release of the 2014 California Vintage

Who knew that there were benefits to drought? At the Ideal Wine Company, we find the idea that a drought could make grapes tastier fascinating. We honestly can’t wait to see how the region’s 2014 vintage turns out, and whether it really is true that a drought makes for tastier grapes.


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