Harrods Launches Luxury Wine and Spirits Departments

If you’ve a taste for the finer things in life, you may be interested to know that the Ideal Wine Company has learned that Harrods has launched a luxury wine and spirits department.

Keeping Track of the Luxury Marketplace

You don’t build up a reputation as a supplier of vintage fine wines at prices that won’t break the bank, without keep track of the luxury marketplace. Only through observing the market as a whole, can you meet your customers’ needs and desires.

Nothing gets more luxurious than Harrods. The brand is known for providing the finer things in life, which is why it’s no surprise at all that they’ve opened a new luxury wine and spirits department. What will it offer to the ordinary consumer?

A 7,000 Square Foot Luxury Wine and Spirits Department

Well according to Off License News, the new ground floor 7,000 square foot department has built up the number of wines and spirits now carried by Harrods to 3,000. It will be split into several sectors; the cigar room, the spirits room, the champagne room and the wine room.

The specific bottles they’re carrying are the ultimate in decadence. For example, it will feature the Dalmore Paterson collection; a portfolio of 12 of the world’s rarest whiskies which collectively have a price tag of almost £1 million. Other highlights include Jerobaums of £18,000 Cristal Champagne and vertical selections of Chateau Margaux.

Reflecting a Mutual Strive for Continual and Consistent Quality

The director of foods at the decadent brand, Bruce Langlands, took the time to speak out on the new renovations, which have for example, increased its spirits range by 40%. Langlands said:

“The new department is an opportunity to improve an increasingly diverse range of products and to cement the longstanding relationship between Harrods and the world’s finest drinks producers. This fantastic renovation really reflects the mutual strive for continual and consistent quality.”

The Ideal Wine Company Product List

In other words, this new department will provide consumers the chance to purchase some of the most expensive wines and spirits on the planet. However, if you don’t have that kind of bank account, check out the Ideal Wine Company Product List now, for a fine wine you can actually afford!


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