Five Tips for Drinking Cognac

To make sure you get the most out of your luxury purchase, this week Ideal Wine Company reveals five tips for drinking Cognac.

Stronger, Headier and More Mature Than Wine

Whilst the Ideal Wine Company is dedicated to providing fine wines from every corner of the globe at good prices, wine isn’t all we offer. We provide a range of luxury tipples, including Cognac.

As a brandy, Cognac – which originates from the town of Cognac, located in the wine growing region of South-West France – is an entirely different beast. Stronger, headier and more mature than your typical wine, it stands to reason that you would drink it in a different way.

The Right Way to Drink Cognac

If you want to truly appreciate your bottle of luxury Cognac, you need to drink it properly, which is why this week the Ideal Wine Company has provided the following five tips to help you do exactly that…

  • Drink It Neat: Cognac is capable of standing up all on its own. Adding water can often dilute the flavour, and ice has been known to outright kill it. Therefore, it’s always advisable that you drink Cognac neat.


  • Let Age Be Your Guide: Cognac transforms as it matures. When it’s young, it’s burst of citrus, nutty and floral flavours, make it perfect for cocktails. As it ages, it grows more complex, meaning it’s best to drink it straight. Surface colour is often an accurate indication of age.


  • Choose the Right Glass: As with white wine and champagne, the glass you choose to drink Cognac in, can dramatically alter the way it tastes. Go for a tulip-shaped wine glass, which boasts a shape and rim that perfectly complements Cognac.


  • Warm in Your Hand: There’s a reason why you see businessmen on TV swirl a brandy in their hand before they drink. It warms the drink and release the aroma, making it more palatable. That is why we would suggest you always warm glass of Cognac in your hand before you take sip.


  • Take Small Sips: Cognac is absolutely not to be gulped. To appreciate its wide array of flavours, take small sips and let it pour over every crevice of your palate. The sensations that burst forth will astound you.

Appreciating Everything Cognac Has to Offer

From there, you will find that you have all the knowledge you need to truly appreciate everything your bottle of luxury Cognac has to offer. It’s the ultimate brandy; ready and waiting to take you on a ride your taste buds will remember for a lifetime.

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