A New App for Wine Lovers

In the Ideal Wine Company’s opinion, a new app proving popular with wine lovers all over the world could very well change the way we think about wine.

Bringing the Latest Technological Innovations to Your Attention

As providers of fine wine at reasonable prices, the Ideal Wine Company always strives to ensure you have the experience of a lifetime when you crack open your luxury vintage.

Therefore, whenever we hear about some new technological innovation that could change the way you drink wine we rush to make sure you know about it. That’s why when we heard about the Next Glass App, we couldn’t not let you know what it is, and why you need to get it.

What is the Next Glass App?

According to Business Insider, Next Glass is an app designed to give you the knowledge you need to prevent yourself from buying a bottle of wine or beer you won’t like.

It’s really simple to use. When you are in the supermarket and you see a vintage you think you might want to buy, just hold your phone up to it. The app will then by scan the bottle and present you with a score you can use to decide whether to buy it or not. Your personal preferences, along with the bottle’s alcohol content by volume and calorie content are used to determine the score.

The Next Glass App Only Gets Smarter

The app gets even more impressive. When you open it up for the first time, you are asked to rate a particular bottle. As you rate more bottles, the app gets smarter, and becomes more able to guess what type of wine you like.

Furthermore, the app has over 23,000 bottles of wine and beer in its inventory, giving you plenty of options to choose from. As the app becomes more widespread, this inventory is only going to grow, further enhancing your ability to pick out the perfect vintage.

Helping You Choose the Perfect Bottle of Wine

In other words, this app is specifically designed to help you choose the perfect bottle of wine. Who wouldn’t want an app like that! If you want to try it out for yourself, why not download it for your iPhone or Android Phone today!


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