Is There Such a Thing as a Spill-Proof Wine Glass?

Following reports hailing the advent of a spectacular new invention, this week the Ideal Wine Company asks; is there such a thing as a spill-proof wine glass?

The Plight of the Wine Drinker

Because we strive to bring you first-rate fine wines at a price that won’t break the bank, Ideal Wine Company understands the plight that confronts every wine drinker on a daily basis.

If you’re a fan of red and you’re especially proud of your home, you’re often left in fear every time you crack open a bottle of your favourite tipple. ‘Will this be the time when it finally spills and stains my gorgeous carpet,’ is the fear that never dies, but what if we told you could enjoy a glass of red and leave your carpet spotless at the same time?

The ‘Saturn’ Wine Glass

It may seem inconceivable, but if a new report from the Daily Mail is to be believed it’s a truth that could change your life forever. According to the Broadsheet, US company Super-Duper Studio has created a wine glass that is specifically made to stop your wine from spilling.

Called the ‘Saturn,’ this stemless glass is designed to spin on its base, so it doesn’t tip over and mar your lovely new white carpet. However, the glasses are only designed to 125ml-175ml of wine, so if you’re looking to indulge in an extra-large tipple, there’s nothing that’ll reduce the risk of it ruining your fabulous new Persian rug.

Four Years of Research

Super-Duper Studio elaborated on the creation of the glass. They said: “These spacey glasses are our re-imagination of a traditional Italian glassblowing technique, which we appropriated to prevent messy spills and stains. Four years of research and refinement has culminated in Saturn Glasses that are surprisingly light and satisfying to drink from.”

That may be, but the glasses have a draw-back. Without a stem, you have to grip it with your fingers, which can heat up the wine and spoil its character. The Saturn’s designer, Christopher Yamene, went on to explain why this is only a minor issue.

Yamene noted: “One small downside for not having a traditional stem seems to be how the temperature of your hand affects the temperature of the wine, but isn’t as big of a problem in the red as the white.”

Willing to Run the Risk

So as it turns out, yes there is such a thing as spill-proof wine glass. Yet life isn’t perfect and neither is the Saturn, but what did you expect? Personally, we’re willing to run the risk of heating up our glass if it saves us from having to shell out for a new carpet every time we get a little clumsy with our favourite vintage.


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