Five Tips for Preparing Port

If you want to enjoy your luxury bottle of Fonseca Vintage Port, you might want to stick around. This week the Ideal Wine Company reveals five tips for preparing Port.

The Ideal Wine Company Repertoire

The Ideal Wine Company may be a supplier of outstanding luxury wines at prices you can afford, but that’s not all we are. We’d like to think we’ve widened our repertoire beyond wine… at least a little bit.

We also provide a range of delicious Ports which are destined to float your taste buds up to heaven. Port is a fortified wine produced in the picturesque Porto region of Portugal. As such, traditional Ports tend to be heavier than your average wine.

Five Rules for Drinking Port

Although there are 8 varieties of Port, there are several rules that you must always abide by when you crack open a bottle of this luxurious Portuguese tipple…

  • Serve in a Port Glass: Different glasses suit different wines. The same goes for Port. You can find glasses designed specifically for Port online. They’ll complement the character of the vintage to ensure you receive the full range of its heady intoxicating flavour.


  • Stand The Bottle Upright: Before you crack it open, make sure you’ve allowed your bottle of Port to stand upright for at least 24 hours. This allows the sediment to sink to the bottom so it doesn’t stop you from experiencing the full range of this most complex of alcoholic tipples.


  • Decant: Port’s like a red wine. It needs to breathe. That’s why it’s always a good idea to pour Port into a decanter before you fill up your glass.


  • Serve at Room Temperature: Another way Port is like red wine is that it often tastes better when you serve it at room temperature. We would suggest that you let your Port rest in the back of the pantry before you bring it out for your next dinner party.


  • Pour Half a Glass: This is a rule of etiquette that allows you to enjoy Port for what it is. Port should not be gulped. It must be sipped slowly if you want to take in the full complexity of its decadent mix of aromatic flavours. Therefore etiquette demands that Port be served at no more than half a glass.

Try It Out for Yourself

These rules may seem insignificant, but try them out and see what happens. What you’ll find is that they present you with an enchanting tipple characterised by a fascinating deluge of a thousand flavours, ready and waiting to take your taste buds to heaven!


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