Vinopolis to Close

Wine enthusiasts across the UK including the Ideal Wine Company were saddened to learn recently that Vinopolis is set to close at the end of 2015.

What is Vinopolis?

At this point you may find yourself asking; what’s Vinopolis? The answer – an experience that any true wine enthusiast can’t afford to miss.

First opened way back in 1999, Vinopolis is a major food and drink attraction nestled under the arches of London’s trendy Bankside. Often called the ‘City of Wine,’ Vinopolis offers self-guided wine and spirit tasting experiences, masterclasses, wine-themed dinners, private tastings and event hire.

Why Did You Have to Leave Us Vinopolis?!

In other words it was a place where you could learn about and celebrate your love for wine, especially luxury vintages. That’s why we were so sad to learn that according to The Drinks Business, Vinopolis is set to close on 31st December, when it will be replaced by “a high-end retail development.”

The venue is being closed for practical reasons. Its administrators just don’t believe it’s viable as a business anymore. Yet Vinopolis confirmed that all events booked at the venue this year will continue to run as normal, so you’ll have a chance to try the Vinopolis experience for yourself before its doors swing shut forever.

“Time for New Life to be breathed into the Timeless Space.”

Vinopolis managing director Samantha Anderson shed more light on why the decision was taken to close the venue at the end of 2015. Anderson said that:

“Vinopolis is something of a London landmark for event bookers and conferences but this is the best possible decision for the business and its shareholders. We have come to the end of what could reasonably be achieved with the wine experience and feel that it is time for new life to be breathed into the timeless space.”

Check Vinopolis Out Now!

We’d somewhat disagree that new life needs to be breathed into the space but whatever. Vinopolis is set to close and if you want to see why we’re so sad about it, check out the Vinopolis experience now while you can before it ends at the close of 2015!


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