Is France Losing its Mojo?

New data from the wine making capital of the world has prompted the Ideal Wine Company to ask this week; is France losing its mojo as the premier wine making region of the world?

Wine making capital of the world

You can’t build a reputation as a provider of fine wines at reasonable prices, like the Ideal Wine Company, without including a range of French vintages on your product list.

That’s because France is the wine making capital of the world. The history, quality, variety and prestige that characterises vintages from the land of the Eiffel tower has made French wine a perennial favourite with enthusiasts all over the planet. Yet new data suggests that in some people’s eyes, French wine ain’t what it used to be.

French wine export volumes fall in 2014

According to Decanter, statistics from wine and spirits body FEVS show that total French wine exports decreased by 3.3% in volume in 2014. This equals 1.7 billion bottles. Meanwhile figures also show that the value of French wine exports fell by 1.7% when compared with 2013 to 7.44 billion Euros.

Further data shows that among the biggest fallers in 2014 were appellation wines from Burgundy and Bordeaux. Burgundy dropped a staggering 13% in volume to 279 million bottles and Bordeaux fell 9.5 % in volume to 7.5 million bottles.

Low yielding harvests

When pressed to explain why export figures for French wine had fallen, FEVS President Christophe Navarre suggested that a series of low yielding harvest were to blame. He elaborated by saying that this was a particular problem for Burgundy.

Navarre went to explain that because of low yielding harvests “our companies are caught between a structural deficit in the availability of stock and the ability of our competitors to give consumers better value for money.” That might be why the UK was one of the weakest key export markets for French wine in 2014; total wine shipments across the Channel fell 10% in volume to 1.4 billion Euros.

Do you love French wine?

Therefore French wine isn’t losing its mojo. It’s just been blighted by a series of unfortunate circumstances that have made it less attractive to overseas markets such as the UK. If you love French wine don’t let this get in your way. Buy a luxury bottle of Burgundy or a stellar Bordeaux vintage here from the Ideal Wine Company for a price that won’t break your bank balance!


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