Fountain of Wine

Ever fancied supping from a fountain of wine? Well the Ideal Wine Company has discovered that now you can; as long as you’re willing to visit a town in the northern reaches of Greece.

Ideal Wine Company loves wine!

Here at the Ideal Wine Company we strive to provide you with fine wines from around the globe at prices that don’t break your bank balance.

In order to provide our customers with first rate vintages we need to know our product. To love our product. We love fine wine. In the deepest recesses of our minds we’ll admit that once or twice several of us here at the Ideal Wine Company have dreamed of installing a fountain in our gardens just so we can fill it with tonnes of our favourite tipple so we have a constant supply.

The ‘wine city’ of Greece

Yet we’ve never actually done it. However Greek Reporter has reported that one town in the north of Greece has thrown caution to the wind and decided to fill one of its fountains with 32 tonnes of dry red wine!

The online publication reported that the northern Greek town of Naoussa has decided to fill a local fountain with 32 tonnes of Xinomavrov dry red wine as part of its upcoming Carnival celebrations. The measure is being taken not only to draw visitors to the aspiring tourist hot spot but to promote it as the ‘wine city’ of Greece.

The vineyards of Naoussa

Their efforts may prove effective as the measure is designed to promote Xinomavrov. A vintage known for its rich taste and aroma, Xinomavrov is largely produced in the vineyards surrounding the northern Greek town.

And they can certainly afford to part with 32 tonnes. The vineyards of Naoussa reach 700 hectares and have been registered as a Wine Zone Designation of Origin. Like champagne, this means that only vintages produced in the region according to certain rules can be considered Naoussa wines. They must be good!

This makes us want to go to Greece

In other words after hearing this news we’re wondering whether we need to take a quick trip down to Greece for Carnival ourselves. We’d finally be able to indulge our dream of drinking from a fountain of quality wine!


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