Winery Launches ‘Wine and Sex’ Nights

Several of us here at the Ideal Wine Company had to check our disbelief at the door recently when we heard that one winery has launched what it calls ‘wine and sex’ nights.

The perfect complement for a romantic night for two

The Ideal Wine Company strives to supply you with luxury vintages from every corner of the globe for prices that won’t break your bank balance. As such we know that there’s one reason why couples in particular love our product.

Crack open a bottle of fine wine and it can serve as the perfect complement for a romantic night in for two. Wine is a seductive aphrodisiac, which is probably why one winery has decided to take the romantic connotations of wine to a whole new level and use them to inspire an event destined to turn heads around the wine-loving world.

Bodegas Monje holds ‘wine and sex’ nights

According to Drinks Business, Tenerife-based Bodegas Monje has started holding a series of ‘wine and sex nights’ in its winery on the Canary Islands. The next is due to take place on 25th April.

The nights involve wine, erotic games, music, performance art and other foods that often serve as aphrodisiacs. It’s no wonder the nights have already proved successful, as a study of 789 women aged between 18 and 50 carried out in Florence in 2009 found that consuming a glass or two of red wine a day can increase a woman’s libido!

Experience wine from an erotic and gastronomic viewpoint

Upping libido seems to be the goal. The winery has said that the nights offer people the chance to experience wine “from an erotic and gastronomic” viewpoint “without the usual protocols of tasting notes, terroirs, crus and polyphenols.”

The introduction to the ‘wine and sex’ website goes on to say that “wine and sex have always gone together since man discovered this wonderful beverage.” It also comments that “drinking wine involves an erotic element and Wine & Sex extols this particular alliance in an encounter reigned over by the pleasures of wine.”

The Ideal Wine Company are officially intrigued

We’re officially intrigued. We’re not planning to book a flight out to the Canaries any time soon but we’re still intrigued. These events could offer travellers a whole new way to experience wine and show them how to use their favourite tipple to make sparks fly they next time they have a night in with their partner!


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