Idaho Winery Engages in Sacrilege!

We’ve decided to get up on our soap box here at the Ideal Wine Company after hearing that one winery in Idaho has done something that we can only call sacrilege!

Wine should be held to certain standards

The Ideal Wine Company is a supplier of fine wines from around the world. As such we believe that wine should be produced and stored in line with certain standards.

We staunchly believe that wine should be stored in bottles. We may sound a little old fashioned but we despise the ‘boxed wine’ trend. It’s cheap, tacky and oh so irritating. Yet we’ve recently heard that one winery deep in the depths of the US state of Idaho has started storing their wine in a way that makes the ‘boxed wine’ phenomenon look elegant and highbrow in comparison.

Idaho winery stores wine in beer cans

Yes, you read that subtitle right. No, we’re not joking. A local US news outlet has reported that the Split Rail Winery in Garden City, Idahohas started canning their wine. It looks like they’re trying to follow in the footsteps of the craft beer industry, which has recently gathered momentum in the middle-America state after it started canning its product.

Speaking about the idea behind the move, Split Rail Winery owner Jed Glavin said that “we said, let’s put wine in a can and see how we can change people’s perspective among what wine can be.” He went on to comment that “we are stoked about it. We want people to get excited about something new and funky and fun.”

Why is wine stored in bottles?

Here at the Ideal Wine Company we’re all for moving with the times. The global wine industry is changing at a break-neck pace and these changes are destined to alter the way we drink our favourite luxury tipple. Yet this is too much.

Let us tell you why. Its tradition. Wine has been stored in glass bottles for eons. A bottle provides a sense of luxury and decadence. When you open a bottle of fine wine you know you’re in for the experience of a lifetime. We somehow doubt opening a can of fine wine will provide you with quite the same sense of occasion.

Get a bottle of fine wine from the Ideal Wine Company

In all honesty we’re not that bothered that one winery in Idaho has started canning their wine. Yet we’ll stick to bottling thanks. If you want to experience the thrill of enjoying a glass of luxury wine poured from the bottle check out the Ideal Wine Company product list. If you’re looking for something particularly decadent, why not try one of our mind-blowing champagnes!


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