What Does the Budget Mean for Your Favourite Tipple?

Last week UK Chancellor George Osborne made an announcement in his yearly budget speech to Parliament that’s destined to impact wine drinkers across the land. The Ideal Wine Company asks; what does the budget mean for your favourite tipple?

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Government hasn’t reduced wine duty since 1984

Yet most people pay a hefty sum if they want a bottle of quality wine. That’s because the government charges a duty tax on every bottle of wine sold within the UK.

The UK has the second highest rate of wine duty in the EU. Furthermore wine duty hasn’t been slashed by any government since 1984; the height of the Thatcher era. Whilst the “escalator” system for alcohol duty taxation consigned to the annals of history last year, wine duty was increased with the rate of inflation.

Government freezes wine duty

However according to Decanter.com, the government has decided to change tack. In his yearly budget speech, Osborne announced that the government would freeze the duty tax on wine. Whilst the freeze has been welcomed, wine still performed worse than its other alcoholic counterparts in this year’s budget. Duty tax on pints was cut by a penny and cider duty was slashed by 1%.

On hearing the news Miles Beale, chief executive of the Wine & Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) said that he was “disappointed that the UK’s 30 million wine consumers did not receive a duty cut.” Yet he went on to say that the move was still a “first step towards supporting wine businesses that are looking to invest in the UK, create jobs and back British pubs.”

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So basically this announcement in the latest yearly budget means that your favourite tipple’s unlikely to get more expensive any time soon. However it isn’t going to get any cheaper either. That’s why you should invest in fine wines for affordable prices from the Ideal Wine Company if you’re looking for both quality and affordability.


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