Does Wine Tasting Damage Your Teeth?

Evidence from a new study has prompted the Ideal Wine Company to ask; does wine tasting damage your teeth?

Wine acid erodes tooth enamel

Research conducted by experts at The University of Adelaide discovered that 10 one-minute episodes of wine tasting can erode tooth enamel. The acid in wine erodes enamel within minutes of exposure.

The Drinks Business reported that Dr Sarbin Ranjitkar, who worked on the research at the University’s School of Dentistry, explained what this means for wine enthusiasts. Ranjitkar said: “With professional wine tasters and winemakers tasting anywhere from 20 to 150 wines per day, and wine judges tasting up to 200 wines per day during wine shows, this represents a significant risk to their oral health.”

Benefits of wine tasting

Here we have a problem. Wine tasting could be bad for your teeth but it also brings a range of benefits that allow you to assess the quality of a bottle of fine wine.

When you taste a wine you take a small sip into your mouth, swish it around so that it covers your tongue and the inside of your mouth then spit into a bucket. This method allows you to assess the body, acidity and flavour intensity of the vintage.

How to protect your teeth from wine tasting

Is it possible to drink your wine and have it to? Is it possible to reap the benefits of wine sampling without eroding your teeth? Yes. You just need to put some measures in place to ensure you protect your teeth when you taste your favourite tipple.

There are three things you need to do. First, you need to coat your teeth with a remineralising agent such as fluoride or calcium the day before the tasting. Second, you should avoid brushing your teeth on the day of the tasting. If that’s too unpalatable, chew gum instead. This stimulates saliva which provides your teeth with an element of natural protection. Third, you should swish your mouth out with water immediately after a tasting to clear away the acid.

Have your wine and taste it too

Yes, wine tasting can damage your teeth. However you can prevent this damage if you put steps in place to protect your teeth before and after a wine tasting. This way you can reap the benefits of wine tasting without being forced to make an appointment with the dentist for emergency dental work.


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