The Ideal Wine Company Review the Hobbs Shiraz 2006

Are you looking for a new wine to sample? If so you might want to try a bottle of Australia’s finest. To find out why stick around, as the Ideal Wine Company reviews the Hobbs Shiraz 2006.

An up and coming wine hotspot

Winemaking is no longer the sole province of the old European powers such as France, Spain and Italy. New winemakers such as Argentina, Chile and Australia are developing reputations for producing first-rate quality vintages.

Australia has built up a reputation as one of the best up and coming wine hotspots in the world.  Australian regions such as Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia and New South Wales have a cooler climate than their northern counterparts and this allows them to produce quality wine on an industrial scale.

The former British colony has developed a robust winemaking industry. It produces a variety of grapes including Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Semillon, Pinot Noir, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc.

The Hobbs Shiraz 2006

The Ideal Wine Company features a range of Australia’s finest wines. This includes the Hobbs Shiraz 2006; a delicious red produced from Shiraz grapes in the Barossa Valley in South Australia, just east of Adelaide. The Barossa Valley is known for producing some of the best Shiraz grapes in Australia.

The 2006 vintage is a thing of beauty. Aged in 300 litre French hogshead barrels for two years, the Hobbs 2006 is a well-balanced vintage that dances on the palate.

When you crack open a Hobbs Shiraz 2006, a scintillating aroma of toast, smoke, violets, blueberry, blackberry and Asian spices will hit your nostrils at breakneck speed as you pour the deep purple/black liquid into a glass. When you raise that glass to your lips, you won’t be disappointed. The Hobbs 2006 is a dense, layered vintage that only gets better with age.

Buy the Hobbs Shiraz 2006

You can buy the Hobbs Shiraz 2006 from the Ideal Wine Company for as little as £100. That investment will secure you a stunning Australian Shiraz that will transform the way you see your favourite tipple.


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