The US Population is “Phenomenally Thirsty” for Wine

The Ideal Wine Company has learned that experts have suggested that the US population is “phenomenally thirsty” for wine, and will be for years to come.

World wine power

Wine is traditionally associated with the countries of Western Europe; France, Spain, Italy and even Germany. Yet increasingly, the US is developing a reputation as a wine-maker of note in the international wine market place.

Statistics gathered by the Wine Institute show that the US produced 836,106,493 gallons of wine in 2013. The largest share, 90%, was produced by the States’ most prominent wine region, California. If you want to understand why the Golden State has become such a respected wine maker, why don’t you buy one of California’s finest wines from the Ideal Wine Company?

US wine consumption

However the Americans aren’t just making wine, they’re drinking it in vast quantities as well. Figures quoted by Yahoo News show that the US consumed a staggering 370 million cases of wine in 2014; only a quarter were imported into the country from other nations.

What’s really interesting about the US wine market is that it has enormous growth potential. The same statistics quoted by Yahoo News, show that experts predict that there’ll be an 11% hike in wine consumption in the US between 2014 and 2018.

“Young thirsty nation.”

Experts who spoke recently at the world’s leading wine fair, Vinexpo, argued that the US is a “young thirsty nation” and that if handled with care, its wine market has “phenomenal” potential for growth.

Mel Dick, senior vice-president of the country’s top distributor, Southern Wine and Spirits of America, made this point quite eloquently. He commented: “Think about it, 370 million cases bought and we only drink about 10 litres per capita. If we were drinking like, say, the UK, it would mean 740 million cases. And if we were drinking like the French, 1.6 billion cases.”

Dick went on to point out that wine consumption is likely to rise in the US, as wine is becoming more popular with millennials. Also known as “Generation Y,” this term is used to refer to people born between 1980 and 2000, and there are currently 77 million of them in the US. David Trone, owner of US wine chain Total Wine and More, noted that millennials are “less risk averse, more sophisticated on food and wine, (and) well-travelled,” which means they have the potential to drive wine consumption in the Land of Liberty to unprecedented heights.

Samples wines from the Ideal Wine Company

Yahoo News also reported that Italy is the top supplier of the US wine market. Find out why the Americans love Latin wine so much by sampling some of Italy’s finest wines, which you can buy today from the Ideal Wine Company.


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