Spain is Now the World’s Top Exporter of Wine

A report from the Financial Times has revealed that Spain has now displaced Italy as the world’s top exporter of wine by volume. But as the Ideal Wine Company is about to explain, this hasn’t affected the quality of the Roman nation’s star product.

Italian wine making

The peoples of Italy have been making wine since the Roman era. In the ensuing centuries, the country has developed a reputation for making some of the best vintages the world has ever seen.

This reputation has turned Italy into the world’s premier wine exporter. Figures quoted by Italian Wine Central show that the peninsula nation exported over 21 billion litres in 2010, more than 23 billion litres in 2011, in excess of 21 billion litres in 2012 and over 20 billion litres in 2013; making it the top wine exporting country on the planet.

Spain takes Italy’s crown

However Italy has now lost this title to Spain. Statistics suggest that the Iberian nation exported 22,560 billion litres of wine to other wine loving nations across the world in 2014.

In contrast, its Mediterranean neighbour exported a total of 20,540 billion litres of wine throughout the globe last year. France clinched third place, exporting 14,387 billion litres of wine around the planet in 2014, whilst Chile and Australia clinched 4th and 5th place, exporting 7,999 billion litres and 7,301 billion litres of wine respectively throughout the course of the previous 12 months.

The rate of export has been so high because of a confluence of factors that have left the Iberian country flooded with our favourite tipple. Spanish producers have seen big harvests (spurred in part modernised vineyard production), falls in local consumption (catalysed by the economic crash of 2008), and the withdrawal of distillation subsidies from the EU, which were designed to remove excess luxury wine from the market.

Try Italian wines

In other words, Spain is developing a reputation as an up and coming producer in the world of wine. Yet Italy is still the second biggest exporter of wine on the planet, and this is because consumers continue to recognise that the Mediterranean country produces a quality product.

If you want to find out for yourself why the land of the Roman Empire has cultivated a name for itself in the world of wine, why don’t you sample one of their finest bottles? You can buy fantastic vintages such as the Dal Forno Romano Amarone della Valpolicella 2003 from the Ideal Wine Company and experience the best the world of Italian wine has to offer!


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