Wine Online: The Future?

A new report has shown the Ideal Wine Company something that doesn’t surprise us in the slightest, considering what we do. More people are buying wine online.

Times are changing

Back in the olden days, also known as the 1990’s, you had very limited options if you wanted to buy a high class bottle of wine. You certainly wouldn’t be able to find it in your local supermarket, so often you had to go directly to a specialist wine cellar if you wanted to secure a first-rate vintage.

Times have changed, and so has wine buying. The internet has made it possible for firms such as the Ideal Wine Company to provide consumers with convenient platforms they can use to purchase a fabulous bottle from the comfort of their own homes. If you want to see how easy it is to buy a fine wine on the internet, why don’t you take advantage of the Ideal Wine Company’s latest special offer and purchase the Dom Perignon 2000 for only £140 today.

A new study conducted by consultancy firm Wine Intelligence has proved that it’s becoming more popular than ever to buy wine online. The research showed that 79% of respondents prefer to buy fine wine on the internet than at the cellar door.

Why buy wine online

Natasha Rastegar, the Australia and New Zealand manager for Wine Intelligence, commented on the trend. She was quoted by ABC News saying that “people are primary going to websites to buy wine online primarily for discounts.”

Rastegar went on to note: “The online world offers them even greater opportunities to get better discounts or to investigate price differences in more detail. However, convenience is also really important, being able to order quickly and having a good delivery experience.

“And then the variety is also important. The type of people buying wine online tend to be more experienced, more involved wine drinkers, so having a large variety of wine to pick from is also really important to them.”

Purchase a Burgundy

Here, Rastegar has described exactly why so many wine enthusiasts come to the Ideal Wine Company to secure their next vintage. We have a wide selection of first-rate fine wines that you can buy at prices you can actually afford.

Do you doubt that you can find the wine of your dreams on the internet? Why not give it a go and browse through our selection of Burgundies?  We sell some of the region’s most respected bottles, including the Clos Saint Denis 1996 and the Le Corton 2002, so you’re sure to find something that’ll change the way you think about your favourite tipple.


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