When Should You Drink a Bordeaux?

When Should You Drink a Bordeaux?

A new City A.M article has answered a question that has confounded Bordeaux enthusiasts since the dawn of wine making. Bearing this in mind, the Ideal Wine Company asks; when should you drink a Bordeaux?

Drink it straight away?

Say you’ve just bought a stunning Bordeaux from the Ideal Wine Company. You want to crack it open right away, but you’ve heard on the grapevine that the quality of your favourite tipple appreciates with age. What should you do?

A lot of people would decide to throw caution to the winds and drink it right away. This would be a mistake and apparently it’s a mistake that a lot of us tend to make. Research quoted by City A.M indicates that 80% – 90% of vintages purchased at retail chains are consumed within 24 hours.

Importance of tannins

Why is this a mistake? Reds such as those produced in the South-West of France contain chemical compounds called tannins. When they’re in their youth, tannins are known to boast a harsh taste that can strike a jarring contrast when the wine’s consumed.

However, as the wine ages in the bottle these tannins bind together and fall out of the wine as sediment. This turns the remaining wine into a drink which is destined to dance on your tongue and provide you with a unique range of flavours you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Bordeaux and tannins

Why does this matter in particular when it comes to red wines that originate from the famous French wine-producing region of Bordeaux? This is because Bordeaux reds are primarily made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.

These grapes are positively laden with tannins, and it’s these compounds which allow Bordeaux’s to retain the structure they need to provide drinkers with a first-rate wine drinking experience. However, a consequence of this is that Bordeaux’s need to be aged significantly before they’re drunk.

How long should you wait?

So when should you drink a Bordeaux? There’s no rule of thumb, but we’d suggest you wait at least a few weeks.  Some people wait years before they open a fine vintage produced deep in the heart of Bordeaux. There’s one thing we’re certainly sure of. If you buy a Chateau Margaux from the Ideal Wine Company, you should wait at least a few weeks before you pour your first glass!


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