Gadget Created to Remove Sulphites from Wine

A US inventor has created a gadget which allows you to withdraw sulphites from your bottle of luxury wine. But at the Ideal Wine Company we been left wondering; just how useful is this invention?


A sulphite is a chemical compound which is used as a preservative in food and drink. It’s important for us to note that many modern producers use sulphites as a preservative in wine. However, some people object to the addition of sulphites because they can cause allergy-like symptoms, according to Allergy UK.

The EU has long recognised sulphites as an allergen. Wine producers in EU nations are legally obligated to limit sulphite measures to 150mg per litre for red wines, and 200mg per litre for whites and roses. Producers in the US are similarly obligated to restrict sulphite usage to 350mg per litre, and they must inform users that the wine contains sulphites on the label of its bottle.


Chemistry graduate James Kornachi has developed a “revolutionary purification” product called “Ullo” which could remove sulphites from wine. Decanter reported that this is a filter made from a food grade polymer, which a wine drinker can place on top of their glass. The device filters the sulphites out as the wine is being poured into the glass.

Kornachi has decided to jump on the crowdfunding wagon to raise the money he needs to bring Ullo to the masses. Sources suggest that his campaign on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter had raised $16,000 by the end of 23rd July 2015, and the project is now slated to launch in February 2016.

Flavour and sulphites

This is certainly good news for wine enthusiasts who are allergic to sulphites. However, some wine experts have suggested that removing sulphites could have a negative impact on the rich, luxurious flavour of our favourite tipple. They argue that sulphites are vital for preserving freshness and preventing oxidisation in wine.

Basically, at this point we have no idea whether wine drinkers should purchase an Ullo. If you do decide to spring for the device, why don’t you buy a bottle of Chambertin Potel 2005 from the Ideal Wine Company and try it out for yourself?


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