Can Drinking Wine Slow Your Brain’s Aging Process?

The results of a miraculous new study have forced the team here at the Ideal Wine Company to ask; can drinking wine slow down your brain’s aging process?

Health benefits of wine

If you’re an avid reader of the Ideal Wine Company blog, you probably know by now that various studies have proved that red wine has a range of health benefits. According to various research, it can be as good for your health as an hour in the gym, as well as serve as a memory aid and help you live longer.

Seven years younger

Scientists at the Rush University Medical Centre in Chicago recently discovered a new health benefit of wine when they conducted a study involving 1,000 elderly people in the US. They found that when coupled with the Mediterranean-Dash Diet Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay (MIND), drinking wine can halt the brain’s aging process by 7.5 years.

The MIND diet involves a minimum of 15 dietary components, including at least three servings of wholegrains per day. The eating plan also requires people to eat a salad and another vegetable each day, along with bi-weekly servings of beans and poultry, and a regular serving of berries.

Just the beginning

The research concluded that the more strictly the test subjects stuck to the diet during the trial period, the younger their brain was once the study concluded. This is a phenomenal finding which could help us treat serious conditions such as Alzheimer’s, but according to one of the study’s lead researchers, Martha Clare Morris, we’ve got a long way to go yet.

According to City A.M., Morris explained that “the study findings suggest that the MIND diet substantially slows cognitive decline with age.” Yet, “there is still a great deal of study we need to do in this area, and I expect that we’ll make further modifications as the science on diet and the brain advances.”

Try it out

Are you a fan of Mediterranean cuisine (who isn’t)? If so, why don’t you buy the Chateau Margaux 1993 from the Ideal Wine Company and try out Rush University’s findings for yourself? At best, you’ll have slowed your brain’s aging process by down by seven and a half years. At worst, you’ll have given yourself a night that you’ll remember for years to come!


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