Ideal Wine Company Reviews Europe’s Top Winemakers: France

The Ideal Wine Company has known for a long time that the French are some of the best wine makers in Europe; that’s why we feature a stunning range of Burgundy wines on our product list. However, a new study has now indicated that the French are every bit as good at drinking wine too!

Wine in France

The art of wine making is synonymous with the French. This is because they’ve been doing it for thousands of years. According to World Wine Tours, the cultivation of vines in France dates back to the age of antiquity, gradually evolving into a thriving trade when the country was conquered by the Roman Empire.

The fall of the Romans stymied French wine making for the duration of the early dark ages, but it came roaring back into life with the rise of Catholicism. The importance of wine in the Catholic ‘mass’ ritual ensured that the country developed a robust wine making culture, which has produced some of the most iconic bottles in human history, e.g. Champagne.

Europe’s biggest wine consumers

It should surprise no one to learn that our neighbours across the Channel are some of the biggest consumers of wine in Europe. The Greek Reporter wrote that this was determined by writer Jacub Marian, who compiled data to produce a map which depicts the biggest wine-consumers (by litre) in Europe.

Explaining his methodology, Marian wrote: “To get the amount in litres, I took the total amount of alcohol consumed per capita, multiplied it by the fraction of alcohol consumed in the form of wine, and divided the result by 0.13, which is approximately the average alcohol content in wine. The number should therefore be thought of as the number of “standardized litres of wine” consumed.”

Using this methodology, Marian showed that Portugal is the biggest wine drinking country in Europe. The people of Portugal drink 55 litres of wine per year. The French came a close second; our cousins across the Channel consume 53 litres of wine every 12 months. Denmark, Croatia and Slovenia followed in a distant third, at 42 litres of wine per year.

Sample French wine

If we had to guess why the French love wine so much, we’d say that it’s because they’re pretty good at making it! If you want to try a classic French wine for yourself, why don’t you buy a Chateau Margaux 1993 from the Ideal Wine Company today!


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