How to Preserve Wine Bottle Labels

If you’re a wine paraphernalia collector you might want to stick around, as the Ideal Wine Company explains how to preserve wine bottle labels, once you’ve finished drinking your fabulous vintage!

Wine labels

If you learn how to read a wine label, you can find out everything you need to know about your chosen vintage. You can discover its country and region of origin, grape content, alcohol volume, whether it’s a reserve, year of production and so much more.

Often, labels are also works of art in and of themselves, which is why many people like to collect them. There’s even a Guinness World Record for the most wine bottle labels collected by a single person! Yet you’ll often find that it’s almost impossible to peel off a wine bottle label without tearing the paper; how do you solve this problem if you want to start collecting wine labels?

Soaking method

Over the years wine enthusiasts have dreamed up numerous ways to separate a label from a bottle without ruining it. Out of all the methods dreamed up, there are two that we here at the Ideal Wine Company think are pretty effective, the first being the soaking method.

This one’s pretty simple. First, you should boil a pan of water, then place the bottle in the pan for around quarter of an hour. The heat of the water will dissolve the adhesive which binds the label to the bottle. After, gently peel the label off the bottle and leave it to dry on a clean surface glue-side up, so it doesn’t bind to anything as it dries.

Oven method

If you’re been handed a particularly tenacious label that won’t peel off when soaked in warm water, why don’t you try utilising the oven method instead? Start by heating up the oven to around 250 degrees Celsius and leave to pre-heat for a few minutes.

After that you should place the bottle inside the oven for ten minutes; whatever you do, don’t leave it in there any longer! Strap on a good pair of oven mitts and remove the bottle from the oven, then use a knife/razor blade to delicately lift up the corner of the label. Then you can just gently peel it back and voila!

Try it on our wine!  Now you know what to do, why don’t you try it out for yourself? The next time you buy the Antinori Tignanello Toscana IGT 1990 from the Ideal Wine Company, a fantastic vintage by the way, give it a go. You’ll soon find that this stunningly decorated label will just peel right off!


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