How Much Wine to Take in a Single Sip?

The results of a new study have shown the Ideal Wine Company team that the amount of wine you take within a single sip, can determine the quality of the final drink.

Tasting wine

No two wines are the same. Each wine you encounter on the Ideal Wine Company product list, for example, has its own unique balance of flavours, and a number of factors can determine how those flavours translate on the tongue. This is a problem that wine enthusiasts around the world have devoted themselves to solving for years, and in that time they’ve made some headway.

They’ve found that the way you store a wine can determine its quality. If you don’t follow our tips for storing wine, and leave it somewhere humid, for example, this could promote mould, ruining the vintage. Researchers have also recently discovered that the shape of a wine glass really does matter, as it determines how air transforms the key components of the vintage.

Importance of sipping

Now a research team at the Institute of Masters and Wine have found out that the amount of wine you imbibe in a single sip also governs how it tastes on your tongue. The Daily Mail reported that the team discovered that variations in the taste of wine are caused by the differing amount of chemicals released, according to the volume of the mouthful.

What kind of real world applications does this finding have for you? The researchers noted that this means that if you take a small sip of wine, you may encounter flavours such as wood and almond, whilst if you take a large sip, you might encounter more citrusy notes e.g. lime. If you want to enjoy a Chardonnay, for example, you should take small sips, whilst if you’re looking to drink a Riesling, take large gulps to bring the best qualities out of the drink.

Try it out

Marcia Waters, a member of the Institute of Masters and Wine commented on the results of the study. She said: “This work may well have implications on how wine tasting can be conducted. I think many tasters have just found a style of tasting that suits them without really considering the particular compounds they are trying to detect.”

Here at the Ideal Wine Company we think Marcia has a point; you need to try different ways of tasting your favourite vintage to determine the best way to drink it. This is why we believe that if you buy the Chateau Ausone 1988 from the Ideal Wine Company, for example, you should do a little work to find out the best way to imbibe this fabulous vintage!


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