How to Give a Toast

If you’ve been asked lately to make a speech at a special event, you’ll want to stick around as this week the Ideal Wine Company reveals how to give a toast.

Nightmare situation

Picture this. You’ve got a fantastic glass of wine in your hand, perhaps the Chateau Latour 1989, which you can purchase from the Ideal Wine Company. You’re standing up and everyone’s looking at you. You’ve been asked to give the toast at a wedding and if you screw it up, you’ll never live it down.

So many people struggle with giving toasts, and at the Ideal Wine Company we get why. With the spotlight on you and with the hopes and dreams of the host riding on your shoulders, you could let down a lot of people and totally humiliate yourself. Anyone would buckle under that kind of pressure.

Toast giving tips

Luckily for you, you’ve got the Ideal Wine Company on your side and as wine specialists we’re experts at this. Here are five tips you should keep in mind the next time you’re asked to give a toast.

  • Set it up: Don’t just stand up and launch into your speech; you’ll look like an idiot. We’d advise you to look around and make sure people’s wine glasses are filled first, so you can spot the right time to arise from your chair to launch your glass into the air.
  • Check your glass: If you raise a dirty glass into the air whilst you’re making a toast, you’ll look like you don’t even care. You should make sure your glass is clean e.g. isn’t smeared with lipstick marks, before you give your toast.
  • Keep it short: Nobody likes long speeches, not even at the OSCARS (especially not at the OSCARS). Don’t bore people – keep your speech short, so people can get on with the real point of toasting; drinking their wine!
  • Position your glass: Believe it or not there’s a certain etiquette which dictates where you should hold your glass during the toast. You’re supposed to hold it near your waist during the speech and raise it to eye level (in the direction of the person you’re toasting) at the end.
  • Be confident: This is key. You need to be confident when you give a toast – enunciate your words clearly, without mumbling or rushing. If you give a half-hearted toast people will fall asleep in their chairs and you’ll never live it down!

Give it a go

Of course, practice makes perfect. Why don’t you buy the Hermitage La Chapelle 1985 from the Ideal Wine Company, a fantastic vintage by the way, and give it a go. Do it long enough and you’ll soon find that you’ve become an expert at giving toasts!


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