Gibraltar War Tunnels to be Transformed into Massive Wine Cellar

In a move that many of us here at the Ideal Wine Company believe is pure genius, a wine storage company has drawn up plans to transform the war tunnels of Gibraltar into a massive wine cellar.

Wine storage

When you buy the Chateau Pavie 1998 from the Ideal Wine Company, you should make sure you don’t leave it sitting around. If you don’t store a vintage of this calibre correctly, you could unbalance its complex array of subtle flavours and ruin the quality of the final product.

This means that you need to know how to store wine correctly. We would suggest that you store your luxury vintages in a place which boasts stable temperatures, a fair amount of humidity and protection from light. As a general rule of thumb, you might want to think about storing fine wine in an underground wine cellar.

War tunnels

This is why an article that was featured recently in the Telegraph managed to capture the eye of the Ideal Wine Company team. The piece explained that Gibraltar Wine Vaults is planning to turn a warren of military tunnels inside the Rock of Gibraltar into the world’s biggest storage facility for investment-grade wines.

The 32-mile warren of caverns and tunnels was hewn deep into the Rock of Gibraltar by Royal Engineers, just before the outbreak of World War Two. When you think about it, this warren is the perfect place to store wine. The tunnels are constantly dark, boast humidity levels of around 70%-80%, and have a consistent temperature of roughly 13-14 degrees Celsius.

Room to expand

Gibraltar Wine Vaults is planning to spend approximately £6 million on reconditioning the tunnels, so that they can be utilised to store invest-grade wine. The first stage of the project will be completed by mid-2017, and the vault will eventually be able to hold around £60 million worth of fine wine.

The British CEO and founder of Gibraltar Wine Vaults, Tracy Lee, spoke out on the plan. She noted that the sheer size of the site meant that it boasts unrivalled room to expand storage capacity. Lee explained, “because of the limitless scalability of the site, it is perfect for customers who want to expand their collection all in one place.”

Store wine correctly

This story really shows just what lengths people are willing to go to in order to store fine wine. If you purchase the Screaming Eagle 1993 for example, which you can secure from the Ideal Wine Company for £5,000, you need to store it correctly to protect the quality of the vintage.


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