A New Device Can Tell You When You Opened Wine

The Ideal Wine Company has discovered that a US designer has recently invented a device which can tell you when you opened a bottle of wine. How does it work?

Age old problem

We’ve all opened a Dom Perignon 2000, which you can buy from the Ideal Wine Company, without remembering the date we removed the cork. You store it in the fridge, go back a week later and ask yourself, “I can’t remember when I opened this, is it still OK to drink.”

Some wines age spectacularly well, others don’t. The vintages that age fantastically well only do so, however, if they remain unopened. Pull out the cork or unscrew the cap, and you only have a certain amount of time to drink it. If you wait too long after it’s been opened, you might find that the wine’s been exposed to elements which could damage the quality of the product.

The infographic

This begs that question, how long can leave a bottle of wine that’s been opened before it becomes undrinkable? Luckily for wine enthusiasts across the world, Winefolly compiled an infographic which tells you how long you have to consume your favourite vintage once it’s been opened.

This varies depending on the type of wine. If you’ve opened a sparkling wine you’ll only be able to drink it for one-three days, as long as you store it in the fridge. However if you decide to purchase Fonseca’s Finest 1977 Vintage Port from the Ideal Wine Company, you’ll be able to drink it for 28 days after you’ve opened the bottle; as long as you store it correctly.

Revolutionary invention

With this infographic you know how long you can drink your favourite wine after you’ve opened it, but how will you actually remember when you removed the cork? The Boston Herald recently reported that designer George Lee, founder of Le Mouton Noir and Co, has created a wine stopper which will help you answer this question.

The invention features a twistable date ring, which is comprised of stainless steel and silicone rubber rings. This means that when you open the wine, you can put the stopper in the bottle and use the date ring which to display the day and month the vintage was opened. You can find out more about this fantastic stopper by clicking here.

Remember the date

This invention has reminded the Ideal Wine Company that you need to find a way to remember when you opened a particular bottle of wine. If you buy the Harlan Estate 1998 from our product list, for example, note down the date you removed the cork!


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