London to Host Christmas Wine Festival

Get ready to be excited; the Ideal Wine Company team has discovered that London will hold a wine festival that’ll get you into the spirit of the Christmas season this November!

Best time of the year

Now that Halloween’s over, we hope you enjoyed those Champagne Pomegranate cocktails by the way, we’re starting to get ready for Christmas. The holiday season has officially begun, and many of us here at the Ideal Wine Company believe it’s the best time of the year.

This isn’t just because Christmas is the time for family, turkey and presents. It’s also because Christmas gives us a chance to get a little experimental and break out the mulled wine recipes. If you learn how to make mulled wine, you can create a warm, spicy concoction that gives you that warm tingly feeling that we often associate with Christmas!

The festival

If you love this fabulous tipple as much as we do, you’ll be pleased to learn that London will hold its very own mulled wine festival! The Telegraph reported that the festival will be held in Covent Garden, starting on 12th November.

The festival will run for three days, and provide people with the chance to try some of the best mulled wines in the world. A number of the best wine bars in the city will offer a range of mulled wines to festival goers, as well as mulled-wine inspired creations such as mulled sweets. It’ll also feature a snow machine, to sprinkle a little Christmas cheer on the UK capital!

The best thing about this festival is that it’s free! All you need to do is check into the Yelp App and you can attend without paying a single penny. However if you don’t have that App you can attend London’s mulled wine festival by donating £10 to charity.

Try it yourself

If this sounds like the thing for you, you should check out London’s mulled wine festival and then try your hand at creating this amazing Christmas staple for yourself. You can’t make mulled wine without a good bottle of red, so why don’t you buy the Antinori Tignanello Toscana IGT 1990 from the Ideal Wine Company right now to help you on your way!


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