Annual Port Tasting Event Held in Hong Kong

The Ideal Wine Company has learned that The Vintage Port Academy recently held their annual Vintage Port tasting event in the Asian metropolis of Hong Kong.

The Academy

Port is a fortified wine that’s exclusively produced in the Douro Valley of Northern-Portugal. Regarded as one of the best wines in the world by its advocates, Port is typically a sweet red wine that’s served with dessert, although it also comes in dry, semi-dry and white varieties as well.

Some of the most famous Vintage Port makers in the world include Croft, Dow’s, Fonseca – you can buy Fonseca Vintage Ports from the Ideal Wine Company, Graham’s, Taylor’s and Warre’s. These historic Vintage Port houses came together to form The Vintage Port Academy, an organisation which is dedicated to promoting appreciation and knowledge of the tipple across the planet.

Annual tasting

Along with other red wines, Vintage Port is becoming increasingly popular in Asian countries, especially China. This prompted the Academy to launch an annual Vintage Port Tasting event in Hong Kong. The Drinks Business reported that this year’s annual Vintage Port tasting was held on 25th October 2015 in the Pacific Bar at the Conrad Hotel, in Hong Kong.

The event gave Port enthusiasts the chance to sample Single Quintas, new 2013 vintages, as well as a range of older classics. Newer Ports served at the tasting included 2013 vintages from Fonseca and Dow’s. Meanwhile it also featured a range of classic Ports such as the iconic 1976 Fonseca and the 1998 Taylor’s Vargellas.

Enthusiasm for Port

Nick Heath of Taylor’s commented on the rise of Port in Asia. He said: “As the Vintage Port Academy completes its sixth year and begins to plan for its seventh, we are encouraged by the additional visibility that Vintage Port is now seeing in this part of the world.

“When I first started travelling regularly to Asia, some 10 years ago, it was rare to find a decent range of vintage Ports in all but with the most exclusive of cellars, now the situation is quite different and although the Vintage Port Academy cannot take all the credit for this, we believe that it is certainly one of the principle factors. So it was very pleasing to see the enthusiasm that was shown at… the trade tasting” event.

Purchase Fonseca Port

If you want to see why so many people appreciate a good Vintage Port, why don’t you try the fortified wine out for yourself? You can buy the “blah” Fonseca Port from the Ideal Wine Company right now for only £150; it’s sure to knock your socks off!


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