Device Created to Decrease Decanting Time

The Ideal Wine Company team has learned that a French-based company has created a device which can reduce the time it takes to decant a fabulous bottle of red wine.

Wine technology

Every day people across the world are inventing new devices to make life just that little bit easier – the ultimate example, the smartphone; where would we be without it! This technological revolution hasn’t escaped the world of wine; a number of devices have been created in the past few years to improve the wine drinking experience.

Here at the Ideal Wine Company blog we’ve written about a number of new devices that have been developed specifically for wine drinkers. This includes the ‘wine grenade,’ which was invented to speed up the wine aging process and the ‘Ullo,’ which filters the sulphites out of red wine as you pour it into the glass.

Wine decanting

We’ve often wondered when someone would create a device to speed up the decanting process. If you purchase the Harlan Estate 1998 from the Ideal Wine Company, for example, we’d suggest you allow it to decant before you drink it, in order to bring the best qualities of the vintage to the fore.

The problem, however, is that some wines require several hours to decant. The Malay Mail Online recently reported that French company iFavine has now invented a “smart carafe” called the ‘iSommelier,’ which allows you to decant red wine in just a few minutes!


The iSommelier reinvents the ‘aeration process’ of decanting. It has a tube in the middle, through which concentrated and purified oxygen flows. When you pour the wine into this extraction system, it removes all the impurities that effect wine when it’s exposed to air. According to iFavine the device brings wine to “a stage of maturity that would otherwise require years of cellaring.”

The invention is designed to be operated via the iFavine smartphone app, which you can download at the App Store or from Google Play. The iSommelier is now available in the UK, France, China, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and the United States, at a price of €1,499 (£1,054).

Slash decanting times

If you have a little cash to spare this Christmas, you might want to think about buying the iSommelier. It will provide you with the cutting edge technology you need to slash the time it takes to decant a fine red wine, without reducing the excellent quality of the overall product!


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