What Does Champagne Go Well With?

Are you planning to throw the party to end all parties this New Year? If so, you might want to keep reading, as the Ideal Wine Company asks: what does Champagne go well with?

Luxury tipple

Expensive, glamourous and steeped in centuries of tradition, Champagne is the ultimate luxury tipple. That’s why a lot of people break out a bottle of Champagne to celebrate the New Year. If you’re looking for the perfect vintage for New Year 2016, why don’t you purchase the “”, which you can secure from the Ideal Wine Company for only “” right now!

Food pairings

However if you’re throwing a dinner party to celebrate the occasion, make sure you choose a bottle that complements the dishes you’re planning to serve. Here are five foods that pair excellently with most Champagnes:

  • Fried mushrooms: Believe it or not, fried foods work fantastically well with a decent bottle of Champagne. We’d suggest you go for fried mushrooms; their earthiness acts as the perfect complement, providing you with a rich, well balanced pairing. Speaking of mushrooms, Champagne also works really well with any sort of truffle-based dish!


  • Spring Rolls: If you’re a fan of Chinese food, you might want to think about teaming your luxury bottle of finest Champagne with some good old fashioned spring rolls. Opt for a sweeter Champagne and you’ll create a unique, delightful balance of flavours. Add a little chilli sauce to really spice things up!


  • Oysters: Are you spending New Year with your partner? If so you may want to go for Champagne and oysters. This romantic classic oozes luxury and sophistication. Pretty much any kind of shell fish, especially lobster, really works well with this king of sparkling wines.


  • Asparagus: Most of the time we’d advise you to stay away from asparagus when you’re drinking wine. The one exception is Champagne – particularly delicate Cuvees. Together they taste heavenly, or as wine-searcher once wrote, “like spring.”


  • Chicken: This is the most versatile of meats. It goes pretty well with any type of wine, especially dry whites. Therefore it shouldn’t surprise you that Champagne and chicken make a fantastic pairing; the fruitiness of the wine can make the meat taste more succulent, without overpowering its delicate flavour.

Have some fun

This is only the start. If you surf Google you’ll see that there are a wide range of foods that pair unbelievably well with Champagne. Do your research, conduct a few experiments and have a little fun. You may just find the pairing you need to ring in New Year 2016 with class and style!


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