Bordeaux Launches Competition for UK Wine Lovers

The Ideal Wine Company team has learned that Bordeaux has recently launched a competition which will give six UK wine lovers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Bordeaux wine industry

Located in the south-west of France, Bordeaux is a massive wine making region. Its wineries grow a number of iconic grapes including Malbec, Petit Verdot, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. This has provided Bordeaux, particularly it’s most celebrated wine making areas such as the Left Bank, a reputation for producing some of the finest, most complex red vintages in the world.

Experience life as a Bordeaux wine maker

The Wine Cellar notes that both the region of Bordeaux, and the city which it’s named after, attract scores of tourists every year. Many people like to travel out to the area to tour its famous vineyards and wineries. The Drinks Business has recently reported that The Bordeaux Wine Council (CIVB) has launched a competition that’ll provide you the opportunity to visit the region for yourself!

The competition is called ‘Experience life as a Bordeaux wine maker.’ The winners will receive a trip to one of six Bordeaux wine makers who have signed up to take part. Three of the winners will travel out to the Bordeaux winery of their choice in spring 2016, to experience all the vital winemaking activities that take place early in the year. The other three will be provided the opportunity to visit their chosen wineries in harvest time.

How to enter

If you want to enter the competition, you should visit, which lists the six wine makers taking part. Choose the one you want to learn from and fill in a short questionnaire on your interests. Use this as your opportunity to show the Council why you should be chosen to experience life as a Bordeaux wine maker, and what you want to learn from your winery of choice.

After you’ve done this you can share your submission on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. The Council is allowing entrants to utilise social networking platforms to call for support and votes from their followers. The deadline for submissions is 1st February 2016, after which the CIVB will pick six winners. Four will be based on the number of votes their campaigns attracted on social media, and the other two will be selected by a CIVB jury, based on the strength of their entries.

Buy Bordeaux wine

If you want to experience life as a Bordeaux wine maker, you might want to learn something about the drink they produce before you enter the competition. Let the Ideal Wine Company lend you a helping hand with your research. We provide a number of stunning Bordeauxs, such as the Chateau La Conseillante 2007, which you can buy from us right now!


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