Five Things You Should Know About Ruinart Champagne

It may be less famous than Dom Perignon, Krug or Cristal, but Ruinart is one of the most important Champagne houses in history. If you’re a wine enthusiast, stick around, as here the Ideal Wine Company team reveals five things you should know about Ruinart Champagne.

Inspired by a monk

Ruinart was founded by Nicholas Ruinart, who was inspired by his uncle – Dom Thierry Ruinart. The elder Ruinart was an intuitive, visionary, hardworking, Benedictine monk who lived from 1657-1709 and was a contemporary of French monarch Louis XIV.

Dom told his nephew about the early Champagne making experiments conducted by Dom Perignon in the late 17th Century, the monk who the Dom Perignon Champagne house is named after. These tales inspired Ruinart to try Champagne making out for himself.

It was the first

Nicholas’ efforts were successful and he established the first wine house in the Champagne region of France that was exclusively devoted to the production of sparkling wine in 1729. Ruinart launched his product in the European market the next year, originally as a business gift to his brother’s (who was a clothier) most important customers. Ruinart Champagne took off, and soon captured the imagination of aristocrats across the continent.

Chardonnay house

The primary fruits used in Champagne production are the black grapes Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, and the white grape Chardonnay. Ruinart is known as the ‘Chardonnay house,’ as the white grape tends to dominate its products. This helped Ruinart launch itself in the US in 2006, due to Americans’ famous love of Chardonnay wine. Ruinart was marketed in the US as ‘Chardonnay with bubbles!’

Balanced flavours

According to Michael Edwards, author of “The Finest Wines of Champagne,” a celebrated wine text, Ruinart’s style of wine making is characterised by an “elegant, full and generous taste.” The author argued that this can be attributed to Ruinart’s grape sourcing policy. It traditionally purchases grapes from areas such as the Montage de Reims, the Sézannais and the Côte du Pertois, to balance the more austere terroir of the grapes it purchases from the Côtes des Blancs.

We sell it

Perhaps most importantly, you can buy this celebrated, historical Champagne from the Ideal Wine Company. We sell Ruinart Brut Rose, produced in Reims, France, for the bank balance friendly price of only £55 per bottle. This classic pink Champagne is full-bodied, supple and extremely smooth, combining delicacy and subtle freshness to provide you with a unique drinking experience.

Try Ruinart

If you’re looking for a fresh, fruity Champagne to enjoy this January, you should definitely think about Ruinart. Steeped in centuries of history and tradition, Ruinart Champagne is a classic Chardonnay-based product that’s known for its delicious balance of heady flavours!


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