New Yorkers Stock Up On Wine For Storm Juno

Imagine this. The snow is falling heavily. The wind is blowing fiercely. The streets are frozen over. You’re stuck in a blizzard and you’re not going to be able to escape your house for hours. How would you wait it out? If you’re anything like the good people of New York City, you’d grab a bottle of wine!

US blizzard

New York may be one of the most cosmopolitan, diverse cities in the world, but even this mega American metropolis can’t escape the weather. Winters in New York are notoriously bad; temperatures regularly dip below freezing and it gets so icy, your breath freezes up in front of you.

But the famously chilly New York winter recently got even worse. According to the BBC, a massive blizzard recently hit the US East Coast. It paralysed the region, affecting 85 million people and cutting off power to 300,000 US citizens. More than 30 inches of snow fell on New York City – the second highest levels since records began 1896 and the government imposed a travel ban in the region.

Turning to wine

But New Yorkers are amazing people; instead of letting themselves get bored, they passed the time by indulging in our favourite tipple! Online alcohol publication Decanter reported that New Yorkers stocked up on wine and Champagne before the blizzard, so they could drink a few glasses while watching the snow fall and waiting for the storm to pass in comfort and style!

Decanter spoke to Chris Adams, CEO of New York wine merchant Sherry-Lehmann. Commenting on the issue, Adams said: “Most [of our consumers] were buying red wines in anticipation of having a day at home and cooking hearty winter fare [due to the blizzard].

“Although we did sell quite a bit of sparkling wine and Champagne, which made us wonder if a lot of people were going to begin their day with bubbly. I think most New Yorkers saw the shutdown of the city as an excuse to stay inside all day and relax; something we never do!” New Yorkers are known for leading hectic lives, so we bet they relished the chance to sit back and chill with a lovely glass of red!

Which wine?

Here in the UK, winter’s far from over. You might want to take a page out of New York’s book and enjoy a glass of wine by the fire while you wait for the icy weather to pass. But which vintage should you choose? How about you purchase the Chateau Latour 1983 from the Ideal Wine Company; this gorgeous Bordeaux red will help you ward off the winter chill!