Have you tried drinking wine upside down?

The Ideal Wine Company team has learned that a new product is delighting wine enthusiasts everywhere. The device in question? An upside down wine glass!

Upside down glass

Drinking wine is considered by many to be an art form and to master it, you need the right glass. The shape of a wine glass matters, because it acts as a filter. It strips away the ethanol found in wine, leaving you to enjoy the distinctive taste and aroma of your favourite vintage!

But wine glasses have nasty habit of breaking. Not only does this leave you with a great stain you have to learn how to get rid of, it forces you to buy new glassware. The next time this happens why don’t you change things up a bit?

Wonder product

News site AOL Money has reported that there’s now a fun new wine product on the market. It’s basically an upside down wine glass, it’s like a normal wine glass, but backwards. The base becomes the rim you drink out of. The bowl still holds the wine but it’s sealed at the bottom of the glass, becoming its base.

The glass is being sold by UK-based retail website RED5 and you can buy it for £7 (or $10 if you’re in the US)! The product’s causing a bit of a stir on social media right now so it’s currently sold out but when it comes back, you might want to snatch one up for yourself while stocks last!

A product description for the glass reads: “This glass looks exactly like your standard wine glass and it’s only when it is filled with lovely vino that you see its true effects. Because of the reversed design, the part that is usually the base of the glass is now where you sip the delicious flavours of Spanish grapes, floral notes and Valencian oranges and the base is now on the top of the glass. Mystify your friends with your magical floating wine tricks and add a fun twist to your next dinner party.”

Fill your glass

If you’re wanting to buy a few upside down wine glasses, you’ll need something pretty amazing to fill them with. You could always buy the Antinori Tignanello Toscana IGT 1990 from the Ideal Wine Company. Top up your upside down glasses with this vibrant Italian red, which will only set you back £331 per bottle and you’re sure to have a dinner party people will remember for years to come!